36 views of Dubai

36 views of Dubai – is a stunning series of modern cityscapes depicting the iconic landscapes, buildings and atmosphere of Dubai, by artist Jurgita Gerlikaite; created on location in 2009-2011.

See director’s Hector Fernando’s film about Jurgita Gerlikaite and the project:

About the filmmaker
“When you look at a movie you look at a director’s thought process”

Watching Hector Fernando’s film “36 views of Dubai” we are watching the director’s thought process, his vision as an artist, as story unfolds with every frame. The choice of music in the film is not so much a narrative but one of the structurally bearing elements matching emotional intensity and dynamics of imagery. Working with Hector Fernando I admired his dedication and ability to concentrate, great attention to detail and having a clear creative vision; also his ability to elevate subjects he is working with to a more conceptualized, philosophical and poetic state. Hector is able to grasp the essence of people and their ideas quickly and in more abstract terms present a portrait of a creative person, not necessarily better, but just how he is. I perceive myself and other artists to be continuously on the way, literally and figuratively journeying, wondering, observing open to all perceptions, inspired, seeking new ways of aesthetic appreciation. I think Hector presented this idea of creative intensity and immediacy very well, in that sense, it takes an artist to recognize one.
I am looking forward to Hector Fernando’s first feature film and hope this short film about art will serve as a good starting point.

Hector Fernando Abaunza was born in Mexico city in 1968 and made his first Stop Frame Animating film at the age of 10, using an 8mm Bolex Camera. He attended the Paris Film Institute Lumiere and further studied in Germany before moving to work in Helsinki Finland, where he stayed and developed as a Film Director for 14 years. He then moved to Hamburg, Germany to combine his Scandinavian film style with German precision. Thereafter, he created Fashion advertising in Milan Italy, before heading to Japan and China, where he directed major campaigns such as Nike and Lexus.
While Hector kicked off his career as a Director of Photography, he soon worked up to directing Music Videos. To date he has directed over 40 videos for International Artists, including Vaya Con Dios Grammy – nominated James T. Slater from Nashville, USA.
Hector made his solo Directional Debut in San Francisco, Las Vegas and NYC with a 5 part campaign for Leaf – the second largest confectionery in Europe. He has since been directing campaigns all over the world, helping to sell in various markets including: Australia, Japan, USA, UK, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, France, Lebanon, Italy, Germany, Finland, Romania, Estonia, India, The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt and Canada. Hector Fernando has won many prestigious Advertising Awards, such as the Grand Prix (Grand Crystal) in 2006-07, and has also been shortlisted as a Finalist in the Cannes Lions Film Festival, while achieving several Gold and silver Prizes on the International Festival Scene.
Hector has diverse directing style, with great storytelling at its heart. This lead his career success back into the Fashion Industry, where he recently covered both of the current Fashion weeks and directed a retrospective in honor of the late Lee Alexander McQueen in London, something he is proud and humbled to have had the opportunity to work on.
He has maintained passion for Diverse Visual Projects and loves making small movies.

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